5 Shocking Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

Injecting and shaping the innovative ideas of smart content marketers can be a good kickoff for the content marketing campaign in 2017. Professional content marketers are expecting new changes and content marketing trends for the upcoming year. They are continuously adopting new tools and technologies to reinforce their efforts for better outcomes.

Since content marketing is a huge rostrum, you will get a lot of opportunities to grow the dimensions of your business across the web. The diversified web platforms, email marketing, and social networking websites make it super easy for you to promote your content for better visibility of your business.

To make your job easier, we will share the five shocking content marketing predictions for 2017. The post will help you know more about the predictions that are expected to befall in the upcoming year.

1. Use of Creative Format

Unique and informative blog posts, articles, ebooks, forums and other content forms have always been a great source for content marketing. But now the well-recognized companies and content markets will get more creative with the content format. They will focus more on producing short, simple and intriguing content for effective promotion.
Visual content such as images will become more popular in 2017. High-quality visual content can help search engines to read and index the site quickly and easily. You can even use a prominent Content Distribution Service to promote your visual content on multiple web platforms.

So, get ready for more gifs and high-resolution images if you are planning your content marketing strategy for 2017.

2. Videos will Dominate the Market

There is a good chance that videos will become an ideal way for a successful content marketing. Markets believe that engaging and enthralling videos have the potential to boost the ROI of a business.
According to the survey by Syndacast, about 74 % of all web traffic will be generated via video in 2017. This is a huge prediction!

Facebook and other social video platforms are continuously introducing new features to improve their viewing experience. In fact, Videos can boost the search engine ranking of your website on Google. YoutTube is one of the biggest examples for this.

3. User Engagement will Play a Key Role

Creating and distributing content on different web channels won’t be enough for increased brand awareness. You need to focus more on the consistent engagement of your potential web readers.

In 2017, content marketers will shift their focus to retaining more existing web audiences for better results. Apart from creating and distributing great content, they will concentrate on giving more reasons to stay longer on your site.

4. Get more niche with your content

The quality and essence of your content will play the crucial role in the next year. You need to do the research from scratch to serve a niche audience. Instead of writing a blog on the over-discussed topic, write something that can serve your target web audience.
Make sure that you go deep while writing the content for your site.

5. Content Marketing will beat Conventional Advertising

Nowadays, world-recognized companies are using content marketing over advertising for better results, This trend is likely to dazzle in 2017.

Instead of spending a huge amount of money on Advertising, businesses are expected to use an effective content marketing to grow their business across the globe.

These are the five most amazing content marketing predictions for 2017 that will take all your efforts to the next level. For better conversions and outcomes, you can also hire a reliable company that can help you distribute the content on diverse web platforms.




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