How To Maximize Your ROI With Video Marketing?

These days, videos are being used extensively on websites and social media channels. In fact, the rapid expansion of various digital devices and the availability of inexpensive gadgets has made the world digitized wherein people watch videos extensively on YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook Live, etc, and make a buying decision instantly. As per a data, It is around 50 times easier to obtain first page ranking on Google if you use quality videos.

Apart from this, there are a large number of tech-savvy people who are not interested to read the text contents available on the web. Several studies have revealed that fact that customers are 85% more likely to make a purchasing decision when they watch a video (of your products and services). But, wait for a while ! Creating high quality web videos ( contents) is not an easy work.

Consider a few facts why it is difficult to create high quality video testimonials, ads, Promotional videos and How-to videos:

(a) Lack of sufficient technical knowledge to use a licensed Adobe, post production software (For editing videos) and other necessary gadgets,

(b) Music licensing Hassles,

(c) Expensive cameras,

(d) Lack of video marketing developers, etc.

There is where Marketing Video development comes into play. But what exactly is video marketing and how it can help you to achieve your business goals. Let’s find out.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is a process of incorporating  small, attractive and educational videos into marketing campaigns to promote your company’s business, products and services. In this way of marketing, companies upload videos either on their site or on video websites to spread the awareness about their business and capturing the attention of a large number of users.

How it works?

1. Video Marketing Strategy & creation of lots of video contents:

When it comes to video marketing, first of all, webmasters define a video marketing strategy to make your videos more powerful and help you to know how you can use them to capture the attention of maximum visitors.

A  well defined  Video Marketing Strategy, crafted by digital marketing agencies, helps you get relevant and helpful videos for your website, blogs, YouTube, social media channels, live presentations, Product demos, Training videos for your clients, Educational videos, Product announcement, etc. You can use all these videos to grow your newsletter or blog subscribers, help customers how to use your products, increase traffic to your website, enhance your company’s brand, etc.

2. Good Ranking In Search Engines:

Different search engines always look for authentic and relevant video contents to include them in their search results. It is due to the fact that there are millions of people over the global Internet who don’t have patience to go through long and monotonous text contents. They search primarily for video contents.

So, if you do effective video marketing regularly, your site could rank well in Google and other search engines. If you upload quality videos  to YouTube (and other video sites), your site will get a greater exposure, traffic and backlinks that may help your site to improve significantly in search engine ranking.

3. Greater User-Engagement And Business Opportunities:

Compelling & effective video marketing keeps users engaged with your site and its content. If you include a video to your content, users love to spend more time on your site and they are likely to make a purchasing decision after watching a video (if it helps them to understand your products and services).

Keeping visitors engaged on your site and educating them about your business (with the help of relevant videos) create more business opportunities for you one after another.

4. Associate You With Your Customers:

Generally, people love to conduct business with those who are reliable and genuine. Quality video contents provided by Times Internet for Creative Solutions could assist your prospective customers to know more about your business easily compared to a text content.

As people are always curious to know more about the face behind successful companies, brands and logos, videos easily connect people with your business and they feel like getting addressed. This makes them happy and a happy customers gives you more business opportunities and promote your business on his/her behalf.

5. An Easy Way To Attract More Visitors:

It’s not just YouTube that you should focus on. Optimize your video contents on various social media channels, video websites (Vimeo, Hulu, Veoh, Yahoo! Screen, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, etc,) blog posts, Email marketing campings, web ads, etc, effectively and attract more and more visitors to your website in an easy way.


Video contents are the best way to get around the global Internet in a short duration of time. A video can quickly tell 100 words within a few seconds (compared to the text content). Get relevant video contents from a well recognized digital agency like Times Internet for Creative Solutions and attract millions of visitors on your site easily and quickly for the generation of leads.



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