5 Ways to Promote Your Site with Video Contents

Video is an important competent in all SEO campaigns. As millions of people spend thousands of hours to watch videos every day, video marketing can help entrepreneurs to capture the attention of visitors, promote products and services and increase revenues. Web pages with a relevant video get more traffic than a page with plain text content.

In fact, most of the entrepreneurs don’t know how to create quality video contents primarily because of the technical knowledge and resources. So, how they can get quality video contents to promote their business? The simple solution is using the services of a digital agency that deals in Marketing content development. When you do so, you get a smooth supply of quality video contents at regular interval. There are many ways to promote your business using the video contents. Some of them are detailed here below:

1. Add “how To” And “Educational”Videos To Your Site’s landing page:
When visitors land on your website and buy your products, they fail to understand as how to use the purchased products even after going though a plain text content. But, when you add “how To” and “Educational”Videos to your site’s pages, it helps them to grasp the knowledge (about the product and services of your company) and they easily understand as how to use your products properly. This strategy helps you to increase user-engagement on your site and business as well

2. Video Blogging:
These days, visitors are uninterested to go through text contents and every ardent blogger is aware of this fact. In fact, video blogging has taken over traditional blogging. So, it is vital for you to change your blogging practices and adopt the new ones.

There are several video websites (such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Wistia, Sprout, Vine, etc,) on which you can upload your videos to increase your user base and get immense traffic to your website. Active video blogging on all leading video platforms could keep your ahead of your competitors in terms of ROI.

3. Video Testimonials:
As per a survey, out of 10 people, 9 customers trust online reviews as a personal recommendation. User generated content can help you to create a positive perception about your company’s products and services and you may get numerous business opportunities from your customers.

Therefore, just interview a happy customer and ask him/her to share his/her personal experience about the products and services you sell. Post that interview on your social media channels. Video testimonials carrying positive feedbacks (about your company’s products and services) could impact your the  mind of your potential customers positively when they intend to buy your products.

4. Include Videos In Email Marketing Campaigns:
Online companies do Email marketing campaigns to retain customers and generate leads. There are several customers who ignore your Email primarily because they are not interested to read your text contents. Moreover, there are many servers that treat your newsletters as junk mails and land them in the Junk mailbox of users.

To avoid such unpleasant situation, add videos in your newsletters as far as possible. As Videos communicate with customers quickly compared to other mediums, you will be able to educate your customers (about your products and services), increase brand awareness, click through rate, user-engagement on your site and can capture more leads in an easy way.

5. Share Video Contents On Social Media Channels:
Live video streaming is a new trend that is rocking a number of social media channels. For example-  individuals and businesses can easily connect with their users with the Facebook live feature.

So, you need to post video contents on all your social media channels and conduct Live Q&A sessions with your customer to address the concerns of your existing customers and capture leads regularly.


Video marketing is one the best ways to approach your customers in an easy way. If you are struggling with the lack of quality video contents, A Content Marketing Platform can provide you authentic and relevant video contents using which you can govern in online business.




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