3 Mistakes that Every Content Marketer Should Avoid

Nowadays, different scales and sectors of businesses are leveraging content marketing to generate quality leads and maximize their sales. They are creating and distributing all types of content – be it a blog post, article, audio or visual content, etc with the ultimate goal to grow their customer’s reach all around the globe.

In fact, according to a recent study, more than 50 percent of online shoppers approach towards the brand/website/product after reading their content. This clearly shows that promotion with unique and quality content has given the new opportunities to all the business owners across the world.

While the content marketing has set its own stage of success, there are some content marketers who still struggle to devise a successful strategy. Most of the content marketers fail to generate positive results because of the four common mistakes. These cut-throat blunders not only ruin your content marketing strategy but also affects your brand image among your potential web customers/visitors.

Below is the list of three most common mistakes that every content marketer should avoid while planning and executing its strategy. 

1. Your Content isn’t targeted for your specific web audience

Most of the content creators/marketers create content, without even considering from whom they are creating and promoting. Of course, quality of the content is essential, but you can’t overlook your specific web audience.

Instead of focusing on flashy ads and senseless content, invest more time in writing valuable and customer-centric that can help you build loyalty among your specific targeted audience. To empower customer-driven content, first, you need to identify your audience and then write the content that can appeal to your specific niche.

In fact, most of the businesses are outsourcing top-notch services of Content Marketing India to reach the new heights of success.

2. Ignorance of unique and captivating title

No matter how beautifully you write your content, if your title is not enticing, you won’t be able to convert your targeted web audience. Since you have invested plenty of hours in creating a piece of content, you don’t want to miss out the chance just because of repulsive title or heading.

Always remember that the headline of your content is more important than its body. That’s because web visitors read the entire content if they find that it has a nice and engaging title. This means the title is that aspect that encourages web visitors to visit or access your site at least for once.

3. Fail to distribute the content for promotion

Most of the content marketers miss the boat when it comes to marketing their content on multiple web channels and social media.

Once after creating the content for your brand, make sure you spend some time in marketing those content across the web. If you want to generate quality leads, you need to concentrate on multiple strategies such as influencer shares, email marketing, social media marketing, AdWords campaigns and other advertising campaigns.

Also, make sure that you choose the right platforms – that can help you reach more targeted web customers with ease.


The content you create, the strategies you prepare and the efforts you made to your content marketing campaign determines your growth and success. It is one of the best ways to build a unique brand recognition across the web.
You can also approach a thriving agency like Times Internet for content development that can accelerate your content marketing strategy and help you achieve targeted business goals with ease.




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