5 Tools to Monitor your Online Brand Value

Marketing a web business is a serious job. You can’t overall the changing marketing trends, customer behavior, and other aspects while establishing your brand all around the world. If people started recognizing your business online, this means you are going in the right direction.

As a business owner, you should always gauge your online reputation. It doesn’t matter how you are putting efforts to marketing your website, just make sure you know where you stand in the web industry. Know what your customers are saying about your brand and make modifications if you are getting negative reviews. All these practices are for monitoring purposes so that you will become more powerful and popular among targeted web audiences.

Here, in this post, we will encounter 5 free or low-cost tools that will help you gauge your online brand recognition across different web channels and social media platforms.

1. Yext

Yext is an amazing online tool that helps you manage your online listings on locations across your sites, mobile applications and other internal systems. It also reviews sites like Yellow pages to ensure whether the information posted is correct or not.

It is super easy to use. You just need to submit your business’ name, contact number, address and zip code, and the tool automatically scans all your local listing and also review sites in its database. It keeps a close eye on your online reputation all the time.
You can also avail the best brand management service to monitor your online reputation across web channels.

2. Reputology

It is basically a review management and monitoring tool that empowers you to manage your brand value online. It offers analytics for customer service management and gives you a notification whenever there is any negative customer experience.

You will get a detailed summary report of customer feedback via email so that you can improve your site for better user experiences. It is also integrated with Hootsuite and other web management tools.

3. HootSuite

Manage your social media marketing with Hootsuite. It is an ideal platform that lets you monitor all of your social media marketing platforms in one place.
Engage with your followers, schedule future messages and see highly-interactive stats about your social media marketing. In the analytics, you can see how social media visitors are reacting to your content.

The tool initially lets you connect three social media profiles, schedule messages, and generate basic analytics report at a free of cost. To avail in-depth report, upgrade the tool for just $10 per month.

4. Google Alerts

Google alerts is beyond a monitoring tool. It is a customized Google search that notifies business owners/site owners whenever new content is added for their specific keywords.

The tool scans and fetches relevant information, such as blogs, articles, web pages within the Google network. All you need to do is to enter your specific search term, pick the type of results you want from Google, choose the frequency to receive alters and where to deliver them. This will help you gauge your brand awareness with ease.

5. Naymz

Analyze your social media reputation with Naymz tool. It will help you measure your online reputation across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media networks for generating better results. It also compares your brand value against your close competitors so that you can work more on making your brand stand out of the crowd


Creating a brand recognition online is one of the challenging tasks. But maintaining the same reputation for years is extremely difficult. For that, you’ll need to keep on monitoring your brand awareness using the best online tool mentioned above in the list.


Why Content Marketing is Crucial in eCommerce?

Ecommerce brands are creating fully-fledged content marketing strategies to expand their reach and generate more revenues. Most of the web business owners are availing the best content development and marketing solutions from the trusted agencies by keeping the ultimate goal of maximizing online sales in their mind.

While the promotion via quality and engaging content is gaining popularity across the eCommerce industry, there are some businesses who haven’t utilized or don’t want to merge content marketing into their eCommerce marketing campaign due to different reasons. It may be due to lack of knowledge, or they don’t want to take risk – they just want to go with the traditional e-commerce marketing approach.

Whatever the reason is but you can’t deny the fact that content promotion has become an integral part of eCommerce brands today. Below are some reasons that will clarify that why content marketing is crucial in the web business.

1. Enhance Brand Recognition

More than 50 percent of customers trust those brands/products that use custom content. They get influenced after reading the unique, quality, and relevant content of different brands.

This not only strengthens the relationship with web customers but also enhance your brand recognition across the web. The more customer-centric your content, the more web audience will recognize your brand and establish positive relationships with it.

2. Grow Customer Base

Once people started recognizing your brand, they hesitate in buying products from your online store. This means the quality and relevancy of the content can help you grow your customer base with ease. You can distribute your content on different web channels and social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

These are the best places to meet new people and boost brand awareness. You can also re-post your guest posts and articles on relevant websites in order to drive new customers and clients towards your brand.

You can even avail the top-notch content distribution service to boost the visibility of your brand in front of your targeted web audience.

3. Improve your SEO

Boost your search engine optimization practices by creating and publishing fresh, engaging and quality content of your eCommerce store. You can cleverly add the main keyword(s) within your content to get better visibility on Google and other search engine result pages.

Tip: Instead of stuffing too many keywords, ensure that you add the most relevant keywords into your posts.

4. Increase your conversion rate

Half of the web customers make buying decision after assessing the content regarding your brand or product. This means creating informative and captivating content (be it a product description) can encourage people to buy the product from you eCommerce site itself.

So, ensure that web customers enjoy your content, feel closer to your brand, trust your service and dive into the buying journey. This can drastically boost your conversions and take your web business goals to the new heights.


Since 60 percent of people buy the product online after reading about it, make sure that you develop a well-designed content marketing strategy for your eCommerce brand.


3 Mistakes that Every Content Marketer Should Avoid

Nowadays, different scales and sectors of businesses are leveraging content marketing to generate quality leads and maximize their sales. They are creating and distributing all types of content – be it a blog post, article, audio or visual content, etc with the ultimate goal to grow their customer’s reach all around the globe.

In fact, according to a recent study, more than 50 percent of online shoppers approach towards the brand/website/product after reading their content. This clearly shows that promotion with unique and quality content has given the new opportunities to all the business owners across the world.

While the content marketing has set its own stage of success, there are some content marketers who still struggle to devise a successful strategy. Most of the content marketers fail to generate positive results because of the four common mistakes. These cut-throat blunders not only ruin your content marketing strategy but also affects your brand image among your potential web customers/visitors.

Below is the list of three most common mistakes that every content marketer should avoid while planning and executing its strategy. 

1. Your Content isn’t targeted for your specific web audience

Most of the content creators/marketers create content, without even considering from whom they are creating and promoting. Of course, quality of the content is essential, but you can’t overlook your specific web audience.

Instead of focusing on flashy ads and senseless content, invest more time in writing valuable and customer-centric that can help you build loyalty among your specific targeted audience. To empower customer-driven content, first, you need to identify your audience and then write the content that can appeal to your specific niche.

In fact, most of the businesses are outsourcing top-notch services of Content Marketing India to reach the new heights of success.

2. Ignorance of unique and captivating title

No matter how beautifully you write your content, if your title is not enticing, you won’t be able to convert your targeted web audience. Since you have invested plenty of hours in creating a piece of content, you don’t want to miss out the chance just because of repulsive title or heading.

Always remember that the headline of your content is more important than its body. That’s because web visitors read the entire content if they find that it has a nice and engaging title. This means the title is that aspect that encourages web visitors to visit or access your site at least for once.

3. Fail to distribute the content for promotion

Most of the content marketers miss the boat when it comes to marketing their content on multiple web channels and social media.

Once after creating the content for your brand, make sure you spend some time in marketing those content across the web. If you want to generate quality leads, you need to concentrate on multiple strategies such as influencer shares, email marketing, social media marketing, AdWords campaigns and other advertising campaigns.

Also, make sure that you choose the right platforms – that can help you reach more targeted web customers with ease.


The content you create, the strategies you prepare and the efforts you made to your content marketing campaign determines your growth and success. It is one of the best ways to build a unique brand recognition across the web.
You can also approach a thriving agency like Times Internet for content development that can accelerate your content marketing strategy and help you achieve targeted business goals with ease.


Persuasive Content For All-Inclusive Digital Growth

In online marketing, you need unique, user-centric and meaningful content to attract traffic to your website, turn them into leads and customers that can provide you sales or business and become your loyal customer forever. You can easily achieve all these ambitious targets if you have quality content.

Although, you can produce content yourself every day if you have enough time. Generally, it doesn’t happen at all the times. As a responsible website operator, you are bound to take care of other aspects as well that are essential for the smooth operation of your site. So, how can you ensure the availability of quality content? Content development service is the right instrument to meet all your content requirements.

Digital marketing companies offer a wide range of content development services to their clients such as SEO optimized content for websites/blogs, personalized content for Email marketing, white papers/Press release for corporate communications, image/video content for launching social media marketing campaigns, etc. You can find any type of content based on your business requirements. Just scroll down and observe how quality content can help fulfill your digital goals-

1. Content Writing Services For Websites:

In this digital age, wherein people have easy access to options, having just a good-looking website will not help you to market your products and services. It is your site’s content that attracts the potential customers and they decide whether to buy your services/products or not based on the quality of your content.

Well-written content, which describes your products/services very well and explains how they are beneficial for your potential customer, can encourage them to contact you. It also helps you to perform the different practices of SEO and get your site ranked well on different search engines.

Therefore, get informative and persuasive content from content writing companies and update your website regularly to increase the number of visitors and sales as well.

2. Blog Writing Services:

Active blogging is the most popular and an effective way to establish yourself in the digital world and keep your clients/customers/prospective customers engaged in your brand for a long period of time. It also helps you to boost the ranking of your site. Are you worried that your company’s blog doesn’t attract visitors? If yes, then set your needless worries aside instantly, and get affordable writing solutions from content development agencies. Update your blog with fresh content regularly to meet your targets in terms of leads, sales, subscribers, traffic, business proposals (in case your deal in B2B business), etc.

3. Article Writing Services:

These days, SEO professionals always demand well-researched, informative and error-free articles to submit them on famous article submission websites with an intention to attract traffic and relevant links to the website they are handling. In this way, they also educate website visitors and create the possibility of future conversions.

Writing an effective and compelling article is extremely difficult for unprofessional writers. Therefore, don’t let your business down because of the lack of quality articles. You may consider availing the services of Times Internet for Marketers for getting crispy and magical articles (of international standard), written by professional and extraordinary authors. If you are active in article submission, chances are that you can showcase your expertise and excel in your profession easily.

4. Editing & Proofreading Services:

Content writers make a lot of mistakes while writing content. Many times, you compose lousy content with fatal errors, lack of facts and figures, etc. Generally, content writers use online tools to hammer out errors from their content, but such tools can’t be relied fully if you expect 100% error free writeups for use.

Google & users love those websites that have error-free articles. If users find errors in your content, they will stop visiting your site from next time.

Therefore, you can use human proofreaders to detect grammatical, linguistic, technical omissions and other errors in your content and make them useful for your readers. It helps you to establish your business reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Content writing service for SMO:

The exceptional success of the social media channels has given birth to the social media optimization (SMO), which is aimed at growing the size of your audience by advertising your products and services on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

SMO experts always demand killer content to popularize the websites on various social media websites and drive social sales (leads created from social media channels). Even Google considers your site’s social presence as an important factor while determining its ranking in its search results.

Therefore, get crackling content from content writing agencies to increase the visibility of your website on different social channels and get more likes, shares, leads, customer’s queries, feedbacks easily & quickly.


Every day, several websites go online and there is a flood like situation on the web. Therefore, it is SEO optimized, fresh and unique content that determines who finds your website on Google & other search engines and what information they consume. If you want to prosper in online business, get quality content from content writing agencies and implement in smart organic content marketing strategy without any fail.

6 Exquisite Ways To Boost Your Content Marketing Outcomes

As content is the root of educating customers, shaping their decision-making processes and improving the performance of your site, online companies need to execute a well-planned content marketing strategy with no ifs and buts to reach out to the maximum number of people in exchange of the minimum cost and achieve their digital goals (in terms of the number of subscribers, leads, readership on website, traffic, user-engagement, etc, ).

As a matter of fact, digital content comes in several forms such as images, animations, graphics, text, and audio/ video files. To create quality content, you need to do a lot of research, collect relevant data and facts, write content with the utmost care, cross check them for possible mistakes, and then proofread once again before forwarding them for further use. The whole process consumes a significant amount of time. So, it’s almost impossible for a person (who is busy in handling the different aspects of his/her business) to produce enough quality content frequently to meet the growing demand for meaningful content.

When you are trapped in a complex situation like this, Content Development Services come at your rescue. Yes, by making a simple call, you can ensure the availability of quality content to your digital marketing team and launch several promotional campaigns to meet your digital goals.

Here we will discuss about how you can promote your content over the global Internet to catch people’s attention, build your brand and increase your revenues. Just cast a look at them:

1. Inforgraphics:

As our brains do less work to understand the visual content (than a plain text), marketers who embrace visual content have greater returns in terms of customers, leads, readership and revenues. So, you must use inforgraphics extensively to communicate almost any idea or concept to your customers.

In fact, Infographics are widely shared, viewed and loved on social media too. So, you can use it to promote your products and services and get a positive response from web visitors, clients, customers and potential customers.

2. Videos:

Web visitors have a natural inclination towards video content. As a mater of fact, when you use videos in your content, it helps visitors to understand the subject matter of the content easily and quickly. It can attract more traffic to your website, boost customer engagement, increase the total time spent on your site and help you in lead generation.

Therefore, you can upload interactive and user-centric videos such as “how to do”, guides, information about new products, etc, to help your customers get acquainted with your business easily. You can also use several video websites to promote your website using videos.

3. Mobile Apps:

With a sharp increase in the use of various mobile devices, different mobile apps are widely used by visitors to consume information easily and accomplish a number of works easily. In this cutthroat market, marketers take all possible steps to seek the attention of users and cultivate business opportunities from them.

To promote your site, make sure your app is available on different mobile software distribution platforms like Google play, Apple store, Blackberry app World and you update your app with useful and meaningful content that serves the needs of web visitors.

This will help you to extend your brand internationally, increase your sales, consumption of content up to a great extent.

4. Social activities:

Different social media channels are not restricted to the meeting point of people only. Now, it has become great marketing giants, allowing business organizations to access important data about their prospective customer/clients/existing buyers, and free way to get in touch with them.

Getting more eyeballs to your content and making it viral over the world wide web is always a tough job for digital marketers. You must use different social media channels to distribute your site’s content to millions of people within a short time duration and get a positive response from active social media users.

Allow your fan/followers to share your content maximum to gain more exposure to your site and receive a steady flow of traffic to it. The biggest benefit of using social media channels for your online business is that it helps your site to rank higher in the results of search engines and you get more monetary benefits.

5. Blogging:

With frequent Google’s algorithm updates, the availability of user-centric & SEO optimized content is the first precondition to Internet marketing efforts. There is a great potential associated with active blogging as it helps you to get repeat visitors on your site and translate your site’s traffic into genuine leads.

Just intensify your blogging activities using the quality content you get from the content writing firms and feed your readers with content covering all aspects of your business. Active blogging coupled with effective SEO campaigns can help you achieve your digital goals.

6. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a cost-effective approach to advertise your products and services and generate leads. When you drop useful and attractive newsletters to your subscribers, they take note of your offerings and if satisfied, they come to your site to make transactions.

Receive attractive and user-centric newsletters from content writing agencies and do carefully planned email marketing to boost your site’s readership, get more traffic and accelerate the conversion rate.


The availability of quality content determines the success of your SEO efforts. If you struggle to create quality content, Times Internet Spotlight can help you to establish a friendly relationship with your customers and expand your E-business by offering you SEO optimized and useful content without any interruption. So, what are you waiting for? Just receive your content from the content writing firm and translate your business dreams into a reality.


Why to Embrace User-Generated Content for your eCommerce Brand?

As an eCommerce site owner, you should always work on improving the visibility of your e-store in front of your targeted web customers. Once you are done with the launch of your online store, make sure that you harness the power of content to generate quality leads.

Creating and promoting valuable and quality content on diverse web channels and social media platforms is a great way to grab web audience’s attention. But if you want to stand above in the eCommerce market and boost your online sales, then you need to leverage the user-generated content.

It is becoming a significant part of eCommerce industries when it comes to building trust and loyalty among web customers. Today, different scales and sizes of businesses ranging from communications to entertainment to eCommerce are heading towards the User-Generated Content (UGC) strategy to maximize their conversions as well as revenues.

What is User-Generated Content?

The User-Generated Content has become a buzzword in the web industry. It is determined as a fresh, unpaid content developed by the users or fans of a specific brand. The content can be in the form of testimonials, comments, images, videos, Facebook statuses or tweets.

Such type of contents can help you build trust among those who visit your online store in real time. They usually look for genuine content from the existing customers before making any purchase online. So, make sure that you use this technique in a proper way if you want to get the most of it.

Below are some of the key reasons that will let you know the importance of user-generated content in an eCommerce world.  

1. Build Authenticity

According to the study, most of the web customers take the final buying decision after reading the opinions/reviews of previous customers. In fact, 90 percent of customers trust recommendations from others and engage in online shopping accordingly.

So, instead of spending both time and money in paid advertisements, give your existing customers a prevailing reason to leave genuine and authentic testimonials on your web store. This builds authenticity among web visitors and stimulates them to make the purchase from your store.

2. Boosts website engagement

Creating quality, unique and engaging content for digital marketing can definitely increase the user engagement on your web store. You can even avail a reliable content development service that can help you create fresh content for your business.
But if you want to focus more on user-centric approach, then engage yourself in gathering more user-generated content on your online store. For that, you need to give your customers a personal experience whenever they come to your site and buy products. In return, they will feel connected with you and leave a genuine comment either in the form of product/customer reviews, or comments or forums. This boosts your site’s engagement and help you generate more web traffic.

You can play with some innovative tricks as well:

(a) Featuring user-generated content images to drive more people

(b) Add UGC images along with user reviews either on your homepage or product page.

These tricks encourages real-time visitors to make purchase from your online store.

3. Improves your SEO ranking

Optimizing a site’ content for Google and other popular search engine platforms can help you improve visibility among your potential web audiences. A good SEO practice can help you get higher ranking on search engine results pages, which in turn improves your conversions and maximize your sales.

Since the search engine prefers the quality and relevancy of content while determining the ranking, your user-generated content can help you achieve your goals with ease. Optimize the quality of your eCommerce site, incorporate genuine user reviews and testimonials for better SEO performance.


The reasons stated above will help you get into the user-generated content strategy to boost your conversions and online sales. Apart from creating and promoting quality content, don’t forget to focus on encouraging web customers to do business with you in terms of testimonials, user/customer/product reviews, comments, forums, etc.


Superior Quality Content Solutions For A Better ROI

In today’s fast moving world, business organizations and firms need to maintain their online presence to create awareness about their business, convince people and generate sales. This fuels a great demand for specialized content to reach out the targeted audience. As a matter of fact, quality and engaging content help you to influence visitor’s perception about your organization/business up to a great extent.

Your website is nothing if it doesn’t have proper content. The development of content is a complicated and time consuming task as you need to keep various aspects in mind during the process of content development. So, how one you get valuable and relevant content consistently to attract a clearly-defined audience and trigger profitable customer action? Content development services can solve all your puzzles related to the content.

Generally, a content writing agency has a team of content strategy managers, publishing experts, editors, writers, and SEO professionals that make a combined effort to provide you high quality and compelling content for almost all needs such as blog posts, E-books, white papers, website pages, landing pages, workflow emails, autoresponders, press releases, case studies, feature length articles, sell sheet content, brochure content, sales letters, newsletters, video content, infographics, Web-based training materials, etc. In fact, you can get any type of content based on your specific needs.

How quality content adds value to your business?

With the availability of useful content, you can craft advertising initiatives and campaigns with full force to can boost user- engagement and drive sales. Let’s see how it works-

1. User-Friendly Content triggers Action:

As online marketing experts need content to connect potential visitors to your business, the availability of great content on your site can easily strike a nerve within your targeted audience, provoke them and cause immediate action (engagement on your site, leads, newsletter subscription, sales, positive/negative feedbacks, increased readership on your blog, etc,). Professional content writers have an idea about as how people consume online content and they create meaningful content accordingly that inspire your targeted audience to become a part of your conversion process.

2. Efficient Option:

To grab a lion’s share in online business, entrepreneurs look for quality content in bulk to feed their various marketing efforts and campaigns. Creating high-quality content in sufficient numbers is really a challenging job and even the multinational companies fail to follow their content calender now and then.

But, a content writing agency can streamline the production of your creative content with the help of the content production team and can give supply you high-quality content, so that you may keep up your online marketing campaigns without facing any hassle.

3. Make Your Content Hit On the Internet:

It is important for you to choose the right medium to promote your content on the Internet. Apart from updating your website/blog, you need to promote your content on social media channels to increase your chances of user-engagement on your site. You need to convey your business message vehemently to the targeted audience using various social media channels/article submission websites/apps, E-books, etc, to boost sales and conversion.

4. Keep Visitors Interested In Your Business:

Generally, when users visit on websites, they are bombarded with advertisements and promotional content, which irritate them and they become quite selective when it comes to the type of content they read. Excessive promotional content is rejected by visitors.

Effectively branded content, provided Times Internet for Content Marketing, offers a great value and utility to the targeted audience. This increases the customer’s trust your brand and offers you to get more opportunities of business, organic traffic to your site, backlinks, social media fans and followers easily.


Good quality digital content resonates in the digital world and stabilizes you as a thought leader in your industry by increasing the contact between you and your targeted audience. Just propel your digital advertising campaigns with useful content to get dozens of first page rankings on Google, and have more and more business opportunities.

Top 5 reasons why you need Content Development Services

The Internet has changed our lives completely in almost all aspects. These days people spend a lot of time on the World Wide Web to perform a number of works easily and smoothly. This new trend has forced brick and mortar shops to go online in order to market their products and services, reach out more and more people & generate sales in a quick succession.

Do you think Just going online will bring about immediate success (in terms of leads and sales)? If you do, then you need to change your thinking as soon as possible because there is a fierce competition in online business and all of them try to grab more and more market share by hook or by crook. Apart from various other factors, the availability of useful and unique content is rapidly becoming  the center of their digital marketing efforts.

Whether run big or small business venture, one thing is 100% sure that you can’t perform all works of your business yourself due to lack of the resource, time and techniques. Content writing is one of them as it takes a lot of time, patience and research to create quality contents. Therefore, by opting for Content Development Services, you can utilize your precious time to take care of the other aspects of business beautifully. Some major benefits of getting contents from a content writing agency are mentioned here below. Have a look and take decision accordingly:

1. Google Updates:

Despite the availability of numerous search engines, Google is the most used & popular search engine all over the world. It has a bigger influence on SEO professionals and how websites are created. Most of the online businesses depend on their performance in Google Algorithm for creating leads and sales.

In fact, Google Algorithm is a set of rules & regulations set by Google. SEO professionals have to follow these updates and implement the latest practices of SEO to get their websites ranked up in Google results. In general, Google makes algorithmic updates to fight black hat SEO techniques and duplicate contents.

Google’s algorithm updates make it difficult for SEO gurus and website owners to maintain a good ranking in Google and generate sales. Every content writing agency has a team of expert, skillful and talented content writers that have the knowledge of latest techniques of  SEO and algorithm updates and they design contents accordingly.

2. Engaging Contents For All Needs:

SEO professionals ask for fresh and useful contents for –

A. Update websites,

B. Blogging,

C. Social Media updates,

D. PR, Email marketing, digital ads,

E. Apps, E-books, Testimonials, white papers, and corporate communications.

There are several website owners who don’t have technical knowledge to create image, audio and video contents. But,when they hire Times Internet Spotlight, they get a smooth supply of all types of contents in a timely fashion. This helps them to optimize their site with quality contents regularly and get traffic substantially.

3. Monetization:

The primary goal of any marketing effort is to generate leads by hook or by crook in order to stay in the market. Many times, it happens that visitors come to your website, read your contents, but don’t buy your products and services at all. Did you ever think why they behave like this?

Actually, the Internet is driven by engaging and user-friendly contents. For targeting different types of customers, you need engaging content that generates interest and curiosity in them (about your products and services), and encourage them to buy.

Full time content writers of digital marketing agencies are especially trained for lead generation. They write quality and user-friendly contents to engage visitors on your site, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, and buy your products and services time and again.

4. Following Your Content Calendar Strictly:

There are several digital marketing firms that don’t follow a consistent publishing schedule because of various reasons. One of the main reasons is that creating content itself is a challenging job. But, getting contents from a content writing agency liberates you from such problems. It helps you to stick to your content calendar easily and work continuously (Optimization) to achieve your desired results.

5. Brand building in less cost:

To promote your website online, you have to hire SEO professionals, website security experts, Project managers, web developers, designers and content writers. Maintaining a team of such professionals demand the investment of a handsome sum and there is no guarantee that you will get the desired results.

A content writing agency has a team of all these professionals that conduct research, analyze your specific business needs and take various to build your brand and make people aware of your products and services at an affordable price tag.


Publishing relevant and useful contents at regular interval help you to establish yourself on the World Wide Web. If you want a sharp boom in your business, don’t hesitate to go for Content Development Services.

5 Ways To Obtain More traffic & Leads With Appealing Content

You have created a website. Good!

You have displayed various products/services on your site that are genuine and affordable. It also sounds better !

But, doing all these doesn’t guarantee that people will come to your website and look for the products and services offered by you. Do you know why? It’s because no one knows where your site exist on the global Internet. Generally, people use Google and other search engines when they have to find something through the Internet. If you believe a recent finding, there are approx 5 billion websites on the Internet and it’s always difficult for Webmasters and SEO professionals to maintain a decent ranking in different search engines.

In order to improve the ranking of websites, Webmasters and SEO professionals do Search Engine Optimization regularly. They require quality contents for SEO, online branding, online marketing and online promotion (for your company/business). The importance of quality content is evident from frequent Google’s algorithmic changes, which target mediocre contents and give a great importance to contents that fulfill their guidelines and serve the needs of the targeted audience.

Creating quality content is not an easy task because it demands lots of research, study, the collection of facts and figures, and techniques. Besides this, you also need to have sound technical knowledge to create infographics, audio and video contents. How to get quality contents if you don’t have resources or you don’t have time to create it? The simplest answer is – Content Development Service.

Actually,a content writing agency has a pool of passionate, talented and experienced content developers that can provide you SEO optimized quality contents for meeting all types of digital goals. There are many ways as how you can utilize your content to obtain your digital objects. Some of them are outlined here below:

1. Update Your Site With Meaningful Contents:

It’s web content that encourages people to visit your website time and again and get engaged with your products and services. The global Internet is flooded with millions of contents. If you don’t provide something useful & interesting for your visitors, they will stop visiting your site.

Update your site regularly with meaningful contents. It helps you to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines and receive organic traffic to your site. Optimize your contents with the latest and best practices of the SEO for better ranking and maximum leads.

2. Don’t Forget Blogging With Multimedia Contents:

Consider a scenario-

Your site’s keywords are appearing in search results- Yes

Getting good organic traffic to your – Yes,

Making leads and sales quickly – Yes.

And all off a sudden, your analytics report displays a unexpected loss in traffic graph and you don’t know want went wrong in just a few hours/weeks or days.

There may be many reasons as to why the traffic on your went down all of a sudden. One of the main reasons is not to use different blogs to promote your site’s content. These days, people have become more tech-savvy and they look for interactive contents before buying any product/service. So, do active blogging and use multimedia contents (such as Animation, Images, Sound clips & Videos) extensively. This will catch the attention of millions of users and they will move to your website and will love to deal in your products and services quite often.

3. Leverage all major social networks for brand promotion & leads:

Different social networking tools have now become the latest hub of building an organizational network in a quick span of time and gain the maximum exposure to your business if you plan carefully. Apart from this websites with a strong social identity are considered important by Google.

In order to increase the amount of traffic to your website, just share and promote all of your contents on all social media channels as far as possible. It helps people to get familiar with your company’s business, latest developments and upcoming events. You may conduct promotional activities on social media channels with quality contents (especially created for social media users) and generate more leads and sales easily.

4. Personalize your business with E-mail marketing:

Amid the crowd of different means of easy communication, Email is still one of the most powerful tool to personalize your business with customers and generate more leads. Many businesses struggle to generate leads just because they don’t have quality contents to personalize their business with customers. All customers want to be addressed and entertained properly when they look for your services/products.

Times Internet For Marketing Service is at home in successfully launching all types of marketing campaigns and helping online firms to achieve their business objects. Just get it’s services and get your business marketed to your existing and potential customers in an effective way for optimal results.

5. Digital Ads:

Advertising is an important part of any business. In today’s digital world, business owners can’t expect to achieve their business objective fully by advertising their products and services just on television, radio, static billboards and print publications. They need to use digital advertising services to reach and appeal to a large number of customers in a short time span.

You can utilize useful and attractive contents to advertise your business digitally (such as PPC campaigns, E-books, apps, and electronic billboards) and maintain a brand image for a long period of time. All these enable marketers to engage their customers across all channels and provide them endless business opportunities.


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5 Ways to Promote Your Site with Video Contents

Video is an important competent in all SEO campaigns. As millions of people spend thousands of hours to watch videos every day, video marketing can help entrepreneurs to capture the attention of visitors, promote products and services and increase revenues. Web pages with a relevant video get more traffic than a page with plain text content.

In fact, most of the entrepreneurs don’t know how to create quality video contents primarily because of the technical knowledge and resources. So, how they can get quality video contents to promote their business? The simple solution is using the services of a digital agency that deals in Marketing content development. When you do so, you get a smooth supply of quality video contents at regular interval. There are many ways to promote your business using the video contents. Some of them are detailed here below:

1. Add “how To” And “Educational”Videos To Your Site’s landing page:
When visitors land on your website and buy your products, they fail to understand as how to use the purchased products even after going though a plain text content. But, when you add “how To” and “Educational”Videos to your site’s pages, it helps them to grasp the knowledge (about the product and services of your company) and they easily understand as how to use your products properly. This strategy helps you to increase user-engagement on your site and business as well

2. Video Blogging:
These days, visitors are uninterested to go through text contents and every ardent blogger is aware of this fact. In fact, video blogging has taken over traditional blogging. So, it is vital for you to change your blogging practices and adopt the new ones.

There are several video websites (such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Wistia, Sprout, Vine, etc,) on which you can upload your videos to increase your user base and get immense traffic to your website. Active video blogging on all leading video platforms could keep your ahead of your competitors in terms of ROI.

3. Video Testimonials:
As per a survey, out of 10 people, 9 customers trust online reviews as a personal recommendation. User generated content can help you to create a positive perception about your company’s products and services and you may get numerous business opportunities from your customers.

Therefore, just interview a happy customer and ask him/her to share his/her personal experience about the products and services you sell. Post that interview on your social media channels. Video testimonials carrying positive feedbacks (about your company’s products and services) could impact your the  mind of your potential customers positively when they intend to buy your products.

4. Include Videos In Email Marketing Campaigns:
Online companies do Email marketing campaigns to retain customers and generate leads. There are several customers who ignore your Email primarily because they are not interested to read your text contents. Moreover, there are many servers that treat your newsletters as junk mails and land them in the Junk mailbox of users.

To avoid such unpleasant situation, add videos in your newsletters as far as possible. As Videos communicate with customers quickly compared to other mediums, you will be able to educate your customers (about your products and services), increase brand awareness, click through rate, user-engagement on your site and can capture more leads in an easy way.

5. Share Video Contents On Social Media Channels:
Live video streaming is a new trend that is rocking a number of social media channels. For example-  individuals and businesses can easily connect with their users with the Facebook live feature.

So, you need to post video contents on all your social media channels and conduct Live Q&A sessions with your customer to address the concerns of your existing customers and capture leads regularly.


Video marketing is one the best ways to approach your customers in an easy way. If you are struggling with the lack of quality video contents, A Content Marketing Platform can provide you authentic and relevant video contents using which you can govern in online business.